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Audio Video Experts custom surround system.Welcome to Audio Video Experts. Our home theater installation team has over 25 years of experience in home technology integration here in the City of Angels. Our philosophy is based on providing our clients with the best in high end home entertainment with controls so simple even least technical person can enjoy them.

Custom Design and Installation

A high performance surround sound system is more than just a list of expensive components. We work with our clients to determine exactly what they are looking to achieve and then design a system specifically for their needs.

Room Design

Many of our home theater projects start during the design phase of a new house or remodel. We work hand in hand with the architect, designer, and builder to ensure your theater or media room is built to our exact specifications. This ensures the best possible performance of all of the surround sound systems components. From room dimensions to soundproofing considerations, we manage the entire process to ensure our clients expectations are met with accuracy and precision.

Ready to build the theater of your dreams? Perhaps you want a room that showcases all of your equipment? Or maybe your prefer a design where everything is hidden? Either way, our installation team can deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Our design team has over 500 projects under their belts. From living room surround sound systems to completely custom screening rooms to compete with even the best commercial theaters.

The process starts with sitting down with each client to determine their needs. We find out what types of movies you like to watch and what genres of music you like to listen to. From here we can come up with the appropriate components to make your system sound it’s best.

System Design

Selecting the right components is a crucial part of any high performance home theater system. Variables such as room size, shape, and acoustics all play an important role in determining what equipment is going to deliver the best possible performance.


It all starts with the speakers. This is where the rubber meets the road. Whether you want them hidden or out on display we have the right products for every application. All of our speaker lines deliver incredible high frequency response as well as solid and accurate bass. You will be absolutely astounded by how good your music sounds.

Surround Sound Processor and Amplification

The next important component in any surround sound system is the processor. We carry several lines to suit any budget. From the ultimate in high end to more budget friendly models. They will make you feel as though you are in the middle of the action. Your favorite movies and sporting events will sound better than you can believe. It’s literally better than being there.

There’s no point in having good surround sound and speakers if you don’t have the power to deliver the sound. As with speakers, we have amplifiers that suit every budget. From high end mono-block amplifiers to integrated receivers, we deliver a solution that suits your exact needs.

Home Theater Seating

Noting completes the look of a theater room like seating. We offer the largest selection of theater seating in the L.A. area. We can custom order any color or finish to accent the look of your room. Finishes include suede, leather, cloth and any combination in between.

Simple Control

One of the most frustrating parts of any home entertainment system is usually the remote control. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the easiest way to operate their system. Whether you want a full smart home automation system or a simple surround sound system our remotes ensure that you, your family, and your guests can quickly and easily enjoy your investment.

Our ‘One touch controls’ are a simple as pressing a button labeled ‘Watch TV’. Change your mind? Switching to the DVD player is as simple as pressing ‘Watch DVD’. And when you’re done watching simply press the ‘Off’ button. The remote will handle all of the hard work for you.

System Calibration

Upon the completion of your home theater project, our team calibrates the system to ensure the best possible audio and video performance. They then train you on how to use the system. And we are always on call to answer any questions you might have.

Audio Video and TV Installation

In addition to home cinemas, we also design and install whole house audio video systems. No longer do you need a satellite receiver, DVD player or more at each of your TVs. We can locate all of your equipment in one central location that is out of sight and out of mind.

The hallmark of our systems is the control. Our one touch remotes allow you to quickly and easily control every function of your equipment from one remote. Say goodbye to the coffee table clutter of remote controls that no one knows how to use.

With our systems, it’s a simple as pressing a single button. Then just sit back and enjoy the experience.

Our team can mount TVs anywhere you like. Perhaps you want a flat-screen above the fireplace? No problem. We can even install it behind a piece of your favorite art. This cuts down on the overall impact technology has upon your home. TVs are great for entertaining, but are terrible when it comes to home decor. Let us show you all the ways to put your hoe technology in the background, where it belongs. Looking for high end audio in Los Angeles? We’ve got you covered.

Whole House Audio

Do you love music? Now you can have it in any room of your house with the touch of a button. Our house audio systems allow you to quickly and easily choose the music you want when and where you want it. The best part is, you can listen to something in one room while your spouse or the kids listen to something else in another room. Sources such as CD’s, Pandora, Rhapsody, and more are at the tip of your finger.

We utilize in ceiling and in wall speakers to minimize the impact on your room’s decor. These speakers can be painted the same color as the walls or ceiling, causing them to completely disappear. Our team is accustomed to working in high end homes with high end furnishings and finishes. We take extreme care to protect the valuables in your home during our work.

Outdoor Media Rooms

One of the biggest benefits of living in Tinseltown is the amazing year-round weather. More and more customers are opting for outdoor media rooms and listening areas. We can design and build a customized system for your backyard entertainment needs. This will allow you to spend as much time outdoors as you want.

Choosing a Contractor

When it comes to choosing the right home theater install team for your home entertainment needs it’s important to go with a contractor that backs up their work with highly responsive service. Audio Video Experts prides itself on having the fastest service in all of Los Angeles county.  Our service team is on call 24 hours a day to respond to our clients needs.

So if you’re looking for the custom home theater experts with the most experience, you’ve come to the right place Contact Us Today.

Areas We Service in Los Angeles County

Pasadena, CA
Beverly Hills & Bel Air, CA
Santa Monica, CA
Brentwood, CA

We also server all of Orange County including Anaheim, Newport Beach, and Irvine.

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